Seth Rogen, James Franco Reveal Details on The Interview, Talk Humanizing Kim Jong-un in Live-Tweet

Most actors and filmmakers want to keep their movies spoiler-free, but in the case of The InterviewSeth Rogen and James Franco were more than willing to share details in a recent live-tweet. After the massive Sony hack and the terrorist threats that followed, the film was pulled by the company and major theater chains from its intended Christmas Day release. 
To combat this decision, which both actors have spoken out against (in addition to many others in Hollywood), The Interview had a limited release in independent theaters, bringing in $1 million — an impressive gross, considering it only reached 10 percent of the intended theaters.


Rogen, 32, and Franco, 36, also took to Twitter to live-tweet the film, which can be purchased online. On Sunday, Dec. 28, the pair dished some behind-the-scenes content and details on the filmmaking process behind the controversial comedy.




“It’s at this point that I gotta say that it’s f—king weird I’m watching this on TV right now.  #TheInterview,” Rogen tweeted.




Randall Park plays North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in The Interview.

Randall Park plays North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in The Interview.




For the film, about a fictional assassination attempt on North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, the This Is the End stars opened up about the thought process that went into shaping the formidable character.


“We were gonna give Kim a big, epic entrance, but thought it would be funnier if he had a quiet, unassuming one.  #TheInterview,” Rogen wrote. “There was a lot of talk about how sympathetic we should make Kim.  #TheInterview.”


Franco added, “Randall park is flawless! He humanizes KIM! #TheInterview @Sethrogen @evandgoldberg.”




The pair also took the opportunity to talk about some of the real-life hardships going on in North Korea.


“The real Kim Jong Il told his sons that western culture would make them effeminate and unfit for ruling.  #TheInterview,” Rogen wrote, adding, “Two thirds of the North Korean people are starving. #TheInterview. We try to stay true to the facts, but I honestly don’t know what the North Korean regime think of Jews. #TheInterview.”


The noted smoker also added, “Weed is legal in North Korea. #TheInterview.”


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