Mickey Rourke Says He’s ‘Pretty Again’ After Recent Nose Job: ‘One More to Go’

Mickey Rourke has gone under the knife again.

The 65-year-old boxer-turned-actor opened up in an Instagram post about his latest trip to the doctor, this time for a nose job.

“Moments after nose surgery with Dr. Dhir. Now i am ‘pretty again ‘:(lol)… one more to go😏” he wrote alongside a smiling photo of himself and a doctor with a bandage on his nose. ”I don’t know what day it is don’t even realize operation is over.”

Rourke gave very few details about the procedure and a rep for the star did not immediately respond to a request for comment from PEOPLE.

The star’s changing looks have made headlines in recent years. He revealed to the Daily Mail in 2009 that he had, by then, undergone five operations on his nose.

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