Lydia Bright admits ‘Lucy Mecklenburgh’s figure is insane’


LYDIA Bright, like the rest of us, is well aware of bikini season creeping up at a rapid rate.

So much so, that the TOWIE star has already kick-started her beach regime before her upcoming summer holidays.

“I’ve been training. I always eat healthily, so I just have to crank up my fitness a little bit,” she told OK! Online.

“I don’t do a lot of cardio exercise because I’m naturally really thin, but I do quite a lot of weight training.

“I train about five times a week and I do mainly weights – my arms, my glutes, ab work,” she added.

But if slogging it out in the gym isn’t exactly your cup of tea, fear not ladies! Because according to Lyds, it’s all about he diet.


The 23-year-old explained: “Most girls stress most about their stomach and a lot of people think that for your stomach you have to do loads and loads of ab work.

“I do hardly any ab work. The reason I keep my stomach nice and flat is all because of diet.

“Try and cut out the sugar and fat in your diet. I still eat carbs, but I eat wholemeal carbs,” she told us, putting an end to the famous Essex ‘no carbs before Marbs’ mantra.

But no matter how much healthy eating and exercise she does, James Argent‘s ex-girlfriend is convinced she’ll never get a body like Lucy Mecklenburgh‘s.

“Lucy’s figure is insane. She has got an amazing figure, she trains really hard,” Lydia gushed.

“She’s always given me tips. I try and follow her videos, but it will be very hard to get a body like hers because hers is just amazing,” she added.

And despite her best efforts, the Essex beauty has come to terms with the fact she’ll never have a bum like Kim Kardashian‘s.

“I try and work my glutes, but I don’t think I’ll ever achieve the results that she’s got.”

So could Lydia be getting into shape for the TOWIE trip to Marbella in June?

Not giving too much away, she revealed: “I’ve got a really exciting year to look forward to. I could possibly be back on TOWIE, I think all will be revealed soon.”

Watch this space.

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