Khloe Kardashian dishes on her sisters’ ‘cray’ diets

Khloé Kardashian is dishing out the deets on her famous sisters’ diets … and we want to know EVERYTHING!

The 32-year-old, who has never looked better, recently wrote that her sisters’ diets “are cray,” in a blog post on her website entitled: “My Sisters’ Diets Are Cray.” With a profound title like that — we have a feeling she’ll be literature’s next Joan Didion!

In the blog, the realty star wrote, “You won’t believe what my sisters actually eat. We all have such different eating habits that sometimes when we’re trying to choose a restaurant I wonder if we’re even related. LOL!”

Khloe, who apparently follows her own clean eating regimen, says that Kim’s new diet would be the hardest to stick to.

The “Strong Looks Better Naked” author wrote, “I wouldn’t last a day on Kim’s new diet. It involves cutting out all sugar and carbs but it allows meat and dairy. I like sweets too much and also don’t eat red meat or dairy so I’m saying hell no to this one!”

In case you wanted to know how Kendall Jenner keeps her body so lithe — Khloe says it has nothing to do with her diet, and that’s because the supermodel doesn’t diet! Jealous!

Khloe wrote, “People always find it funny that Kenny is on the anti-model diet. She loves burgers and pizza and goes to In-N-Out all the time. Kendall is my go-to girl on cheat day!”

We bet those curvy Kardashian girls are just thrilled that their little sister can eat whatever she wants and stay so skinny! (P.S. that was a joke, we have a feeling those workout nuts HATE it!)

Lamar Odom’s ex added that the youngest family member, Kylie Jenner, eats healthy but also likes to chow down on pizza or a burger every so often. Umm we’ve seen the In-N-Out Snapchats — we know!

Khloe revealed, “Kylie eats like a typical teenager but she’s also super aware of what she puts in her body when it comes to fresh and organic foods. It’s all about that moderation, boo!”

And what about the super fit mom-of-three, Kourtney Kardashian? Well Khloe says that the 37-year-old is the sister that’s the strictest about what she eats. (If you’ve had three kids, you kind of have to be!)

“Kourt only eats organic food and has pretty much convinced herself that she is allergic to dairy and gluten too. She’s by far the most cray about her diet! I always feel like I need to lock my pantry before she comes over so she doesn’t yell at me for what’s in it, LOL.”

Well there you have it, ladies: if you want to look like a Kardashian, you gotta basically take out sugar, eat tree bark and maybe grab a DoubleDouble every now and then!

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