Justin Bieber doing okay after car accident in Los Angeles

Singer Justin Bieber was hit from behind while driving his Mercedes-Benz G-Class on Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood on Friday night – the other driver involved was in a Range Rover.

Police who arrived on scene did not make a report and no injuries were reported, however the “Sorry” singer did exchange info with the other driver.

The incident went down about 9 p.m. and while the Range Rover appeared to suffer the most damage with a smashed-up hood, the 24-year-old “Desposito” singer’s car remained fairly unscathed with a small dent, according to us.

A Belieber captured the post-crash scene on video and posted it to their Twitter, captioning, “just watched Justin Bieber get into a car crash. this is the epitome of living in LA. i love u and hope ur ok @justinbieber” – paparazzi were there as well.

According to reports, while Justin has been spotted around town with Baskin Champion rather than Selena Gomez, this night he appeared to be alone.

This is not the first crash for the pop star, as he’s had a few minor ones prior. Back in July, he accidentally crashed into a paparazzi with his truck – which also occurred in LA and here too the singer was not charged.

The “Love Yourself” singer got out of the car wearing a pink hoodies, shorts, black sneakers with pink socks and began checking the damages to his own car as well as the other driver’s, before giving thumbs up to the police.

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