Happy Birthday, Britney Spears! These Iconic Music Video Makeup Looks Are Our GIF To You

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Happy birthday, Britney Spears! Yes, it’s true: Today is Brit’s 33rd birthday, and we, of course, are celebrating in the best way we know how—with GIFs. Since Ms. Spears has upwards of 35 videos, we figured now would be as good a day as any to highlight her best beauty looks. Let’s kick this thing off because there is, obviously, a lot to look at—we wanna finish before she turns 34.

In the “Toxic” video, Britney’s very shimmery eye shadow is accentuated by her effortless winking.

Brit ditches the red brows for her natural hue and heavily—I mean, heavily—lined eyes. Eyeliner was so ~the thing~ in 2004.And, finally, for her iconic rhinestone look—which were glued to her body, not a bodysuit!—Brit accessorized with gems in the corner of her eyes. Also, blonde brows. You don’t appreciate how much brow #WERK went into this video until you watch GIFs of it on repeat.

For “Work B—-h,” Britney went with fresh skin and lightly lined eyes. With the exception of her very early videos, this may be her most low-key music video look to date.

Meanwhile, in “Slave 4 U,” Britney was so dewy she was, like, actually glistening. Also, dem lashes.




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