Dance Mums – 6 moments from Episode 1 we can’t WAIT to watch


“What is this ‘Dance Mums’ and why is it in my face?” you might be wondering at 9.01pm tonight. By 9.05pm you will be hooked. That’s a promise.

Dance Mums is a brand new Lifetime TV show that’s been adapted from the hugely popular US franchise Dance Moms (see what they did there?). The idea is to get a bunch of extremely talented dancers, train them into dance machines, and then TOTALLY FORGET ALL ABOUT THEM and instead focus solely on their mad, mad mothers.

Because dance mums are a thing. Anyone with the vaguest childhood memory of being dragged to ballet classes will have encountered them. They’re fierce. They’re ferocious. And they take no goddamn prisoners. If their little girl isn’t the dance mentor’s first priority, there’d better be some good explanation, pronto.

And so to Jennifer Ellison’s Fame Academy. You might know Jen-Ell fromBrookside, or perhaps from her glamour modelling days – or even from her performance in Hollywood film The Phantom Of The Opera. You probably didn’t know that she’s also got one of the most solid dance backgrounds of any celebrity, having trained from the age of three and attending classes seven nights a week as a child. And she is NOT afraid to give her dance troupe – and their unruly mums – a real telling off if she thinks they’re not giving their all.

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