Can You Find Taylor Swift In A Sea Of Underwear-Clad Victoria’s Secret Models?

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Ever since we found out Taylor Swift would be performing at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, we knew it would be a perfect match. I mean, she’s basically twins with supermodel Karlie Kloss, but TBH, seeing her share the stage with some of the famous runway faces of 2014 make us think Tay Tay might’ve found her second calling. Seriously!

Like, take a look at this photo from tonight’s show. It’s just a bunch of models wearing lacy black VS lingerie, right? WRONG. Taylor is in there too, y’all! Honestly, if we didn’t know she was a mega pop star, we wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. She’s got the classic knee-pop pose on lock.

Here she is with her twin BFF Karlie Kloss working a black lace lingerie set like nobody’s business. Also, dat trainnnn.

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