Ariana Grande’s Transformation Into A Victoria’s Secret Model Is Complete


Ariana Grande is sticking to her promise of not wearing cat ears for the Victoria’s Secret show. Even though the wings parade/runway spectacle doesn’t air for a week, Ari just teased a sneak peek of her look on Instagram—and, it’s safe to say, she definitely blends in with the Angels.

You might even do a double take when glimpsing this picture of Ari, outfitted in a pink silk robe, with the rest of the crew. We certainly did. For her beauty look, Ari went with a sleek half-up ’do, along with the same neutral lip and rose-tinted shadow as the rest of the models.

As if that wasn’t convincing enough, you can see how Ariana’s transformation into an Angel is almost complete in another pic. Um, is this slumber party going to be televised too because it looks like they’re having the best time ever?

Of course, these pics still beg the question, what exactly did Ariana wear to perform? Luckily, VFILES posted a pic of her runway look on Instagram, and it’s pretty much a ’90s dream. UK grime scene staple and designer Nasir Mazhar whipped up fur-trimmed metallic pink outfits for her backup dancers that wouldn’t have been out of place in Katy Perry’s “This Is How We Do” video. Ariana, meanwhile, went with a more demure look: a strappy black two-piece with leopard print/butterfly wing curtain skirt.

Now we’re just counting down until we can see it in action.

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