Amal and George Clooney Totally Turned Up in Kentucky

Earlier this week, Amal and George Clooney popped by for a brief visit in Augusta, KY! The town was positively buzzing, and residents were sharing pictures of them on social media. One Twitter user shared a photo of the sweet couple on Tuesday, saying she was visiting her grandparents when she spotted them on the street. According to another witness on Instagram, they sat down to dinner at Capronis restaurant in Maysville, KY. The fun didn’t stop there, though; George and Amal also attended a private party at Augusta Pub, where they took plenty of sweet, goofy photos with the guests who happened to be there. The miniadventure is just the latest in the pair’s whirlwind year so far, which has been jam-packed with premieres, date nights, and A-list events. Keep reading for more pictures from their stay in Kentucky.

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