90 Day Fiance: Are Darcey Silva and Jesse Meester Still Together?

We talk a lot about 90 Day Fiance and 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? on here. But there’s another spinoff series, and it deserves its time in the spotlight, too.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days may have an awkward title, but the show — which began airing last month — has some great couples.

But some troubling social media posts had fans wondering if one of the most compelling couples — Darcey and Jesse — had called it quits.

The age gap alone is enough of a hurdle to leap, between the fact that they come from different worlds to the stares and social pressures that they’re likely to face.

And then there’s the fact that Jesse is Dutch and Darcey is from the US.

Their height difference might mean that they’re statistically more likely to stay together than a lot of couples, but they’re still facing an uphill climb as a couple.

And we don’t mean that in the sexy, “climb him like a tree,” way. Though Darcey hasn’t been shy about how how her fitness model fiance is.

After Jesse posted about getting a workout by swimming in the sea, Darcey had this to add.

“Ohhhh Yes U do baby….thank heaven you and I get a different kinda workout too outside the sea too! A sexy workout!!! If you know what I mean! Lol!!!”

That’s kind of precious.

It’s affectionate, but it’s also exactly the sort of awkward posting style that anyone whose mom is on Facebook might expect to see from a 42-year-old woman.

One of Darcey’s very different posts to social media, however, caught the attention of fans (even though it was deleted) and has had people wondering if the couple that they’ve seen bonding on screen has broken up in real life.

“So over it!!!! Now he can f–k all the other b–ches!!!”

That sounded like bad news for the couple.

(Good news for “all the other b–ches,” though)

This week, however, the couple seems to be singing a different tune.

Obviously, there are some restrictions on what they can share about their romantic lives to avoid “spoiling” things for viewers.

But Darcey posted a photo of the two of them (one so blurry that we won’t make you look at it here; have you seen fog? Imagine a black-and-white movie filmed by a blind person in the fog), with this caption:

“To everyone in the world who has a compassionate heart and gentle ear to listen to my heartfelt message. I am sorry if you don’t feel me…I am only here for love. I truly want you to know from the bottom of my heart and soul that I will always love and stand by my Man. He is a strong, loving, trustworthy, compassionate, and respectable man! I will always love him, trust and believe in him with all my love deep in my soul!”

So … between that and the previous post, it sounds like she was having some trust issues but is working to get over them.

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